Bug's Normal Life:

Bugs starts his life with things that he has done with Elmer, Sam, and Daffy

for years with them all angry at him. However in 1992 a bunch of carrots

land on earth to take over bodies.

The First Witness Of The Pod People:

Bugs wakes up and finds out that Elmer, Sam, and Daffy

look like 1960 Hanna-Barbera animtions with friendley actions. They tell Bugs to get a carrot.

That the aliens are in as pods to get Bugs next.

The Clone:

Bugs goes home and wonders why his enemies look

and act diffrent saying that they don't look or act like them.

When thinking there is something weird that is not on this world

the carrot makes a clone of Bugs badly looking and almost kills him.

Bugs runs away with the " That's All Fokes", but Bugs says he must know

what is happening.

The Nudnik Invaiton:

Bugs learns that the pod people are made on The Planet Nudnik and

that he must get rid of them to make the real ones come back.

From Earth to the Blackhole:

Bugs gets all the pod people in a sack

and sends them all the the Milky Way's black hole.

Back To Normal:

Bugs wakes up to be happy all his enimies are back to normal.