Colour:Light blue ,Black and yellow


Friends:Speedy Gonzales(Best friend)

Enemies:Wile E Coyote(Archenemy), Sylvester

Favourite Quote:Meep! Meep!

First appearance:Fast and Furry-ous

Main Description

Roadrunner is a light blue ,black and yellow roadrunner. He is always outsmarting his archenemy, The Evil Wile E Coyote.


Roadrunner first appeared in 1949's Fast and Furry-ous with his archenemy Wile E Coyote. Their last appearance was in the Wizard Of Ow. In this episode and the next one, Beep Beep, the beginning usually had Wile E holding a fork and knife with a napkin tied around his neck chasing the roadrunner. Then, roadrunner will go "Meep!Meep!" and excellarate away. The roadrunner's special name in the first three episodes were Accelerati Incredibilus . The early roadrunners were voiced by Mel Blanc.


Roadrunner also appeared in a number of films. Here are they:

1.Adventures of the Roadrunner

2.Looney Tunes:Back In Action

Other Versions

Roadrunner has also appeared in other versions. Here they are:

1.Baby Looney Tunes(Songs)

2.Tiny Toons Adventures(Nephews)

3.Loonatics Unleashed(Counterparts_